Rope climbing course

Intensive course on rope techniques for geocachers

On course we learn in small groups what is the basic equipment for rope climbing and how to use them safely. You won’t need your own gear, but bring good shoes and outdoor clothing according to the weather.

To join the course, you need to be at least 14 years old and healthy. You don’t need to be especially athletic, basic health that is required for any outdoor activity is enough. The course will be arranged regardless of the weather, unless the weather conditions are extreme such as storm.

The course focuses on climbing trees, but the same methods can be applied for climbing on rocks, bridges or something else you want to climb to or descent to with ropes. The most essentials skills you will learn are anchoring the rope to the tree (especially up there), climbing up the rope and descending the rope. We will also pay attention to risks and how to act safely with the ropes. We also discuss how to avoid damage to the tree we are climbing.

Instructor of the courses is experienced climber and instructor Tuomas Pöysti (040 5799567).

Two hour course costs 30 € per participant. Courses will be organised during the whole day. You can book your place on the course here