MEGA info


Mega’s event area is Kivitippu, with its beaches and lawns. There are accommodation and restaurant services, as well as a sauna & pool department. There are also extensive golf courses next door. On the ground floor of Kivitipu you can explore the stone- and meteorite exhibition.

The event area offers spectacular views of Lappajärvi, Europe’s largest crater lake. It is a pure freshwater lake with a very high magnesium content. For this reason, the water is soft and good for the skin. So the lake is a direct health product!

In the Mega area you can stay in a caravan, cottage, or hotel… There are also many other accommodation options nearby. You can access these accommodation options from this link.

Adventure Lab caches

On the day of the event, twenty (20) LAB caches are to be discovered, ten of which will be found in the event area and the other ten around the largest crater lake in Europe. LAB caches are an experimental cache type that are usually available for major events. These caches exist only for the day of the event, and for each point you will receive a code with which you will be able to mark the cache found in the official Adventure Lab application. We’ll add information here about the LAB cache closer to the event.

Getting around and parking

At Mega Event Area, you can reach Kivitippu by car, by bike, by walk, even on waterways on your own or on a rental boat. The center of Lappajärvi is approximately 3 kilometers away from the event area.

When arriving by car, we hope that parking will be reserved only for marked parking spaces. Guided parking spaces are provided for guidance.

Public transport

We plan to arrange connections from Kauhava train station to MEGA on Friday, and back to the train station from the event area on Sunday.

We plan to organize the OFFICIAL-MEGA bus from Helsinki to the event area and back.

Information on public transportation, as well as timetables and prices, will be available closer to the time of the event.

Distances from MEGA-area

  • Good vibes                          At the place
  • Beach                                     20 m
  • Bonfire place                         35m
  • Landscape cruise                  50 m
  • Kotiseutu-museo                 150 m 
  • Public boat beach                300 m
  • Lähin bus-station             3,9 km
  • Kauhava train-station     43,4 km 
  • Seinäjoki                               81 km
  • Vaasa                                    120 km
  • Tampere                               222 km
  • Oulu                                      257 km
  • Kuopio                                  284 km
  • Turku                                    387 km
  • Haaparanta                           388 km
  • Helsinki                                402 km
  • Lappeenranta                       408 km
  • Parikkala                               444 km
  • Rovaniemi                            460 km
  • Tallinna                                 495km
  • Inari                                      786 km